Real Estate Recovery is Happening in Many Markets!

Data recently released by Realtor. com suggest most of the housing market continues to be in a stabilization and  recovery mode. Compared to a year ago, the total for-sale inventory is down by -23.2 % on the national level, declining in 145 of the 146 markets tracked by The national median age of the inventory is down -4.8% compared to  January 2011. While U.S. median list prices declined for the second month in a  row, this decline appears to be largely seasonal; on a year-over-year basis, the  U.S. median list price was also up 3.69% in January. Although several major  markets—including Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit and Las Vegas—continue to be on a  downward trend, a growing number of metropolitan areas appear to be recovering,  with Florida leading the way. Recent employment gains and record-low interest  rates provide additional positive signs that improvements will continue into  2012. However, the large overhang of pending foreclosure actions in states such  as Florida, New Jersey and New York could easily reverse recent gains, putting  the nascent recovery at risk in many areas.
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